The Challenges of Agrarian Transition in Southeast Asia

Project Summary:

The project brings together a network of scholars in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and five Southeast Asian countries to study various dimensions of the agrarian transition in Southeast Asia. The project will be completed in the summer of 2010, and has funded the field research of many graduate students at York, in Southeast Asia, and elsewhere.

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My research for this project looks at debates around regulation, markets, and politics among the diverse networks and coalitions have been promoting a greening of agriculture in ways that brings the term "green" full circle in relation to the usual meaning of "green revolution". The research sites include Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and it is a collaborative effort with Atchara Rakyutidharm (Chiangmai University), Mary Young (York University), and Steffanie Scott (University of Waterloo). In addition, I am co-editing (with Jonathan Rigg (Durham University) a volume entitled “Revisiting Agrarian Transitions” comprised of restudies in diverse sites in Southeast Asia. Collectively, these studies will help us explain how and why some rural people have been able to improve their situations while others have not, and how rural places and agrarian relations have been transformed through the agency of rural people.

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Major Collaborative Research Initiative (MCRI-SSHRCC), Co-investigator; Principal Researcher, Rodolphe de Koninck, University of Montreal. 2004-2011

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