The political economy of precarious work: Stories of economic insecurity and work among sexual minority men

Project Summary:

The goal of this project is to build knowledge and understanding regarding the labour market experiences of sexual minorities experiencing economic insecurity. We are meeting this goal by asking “What are the stories of economic insecurity and work among sexual minorities?” TNG works to support those facing economic insecurity to find employment. Sexual minorities are overrepresented among those in poverty, face income inequities, and are discriminated against in the labour market, resulting in working conditions characterized by precarity. Previous research describes the economic disparities of sexual minorities and describes their experiences of discrimination in the workplace. However, to date, no research has been done on this topic, leading to a knowledge gap and a lack of best practices to support sexual minorities navigating the labour market. This project advances previous research by characterizing the labour market experiences of those employed by precarious working conditions. This project assists TNG to better understand the needs and experiences of the sexual minority populations they work with.

Project Description:

This project explores the labour market experiences of sexual minority men precariously employed in Toronto to better inform policy and social services that support employment outcomes. The project explores the pathways that lead to economic insecurity and precarious employment among sexual minority men and use men’s stories to propose and inform interventions, policies and programs that will create positive material change for this population. In Ontario, labour market disparities and workplace discrimination of marginalized groups continues despite legal protections around equitable hiring practices and workplace discrimination (e.g., The Employment Equity Act, Ontario Human Rights Act, OPS Inclusion and Diversity Blueprint, Fight for Labour Rights movements) (1,2). Employment and social services offered through The Neighbourhood Group (TNG) support a variety of populations experiencing vulnerability and marginalization. Sexual and gender minorities are overrepresented among those in positions requiring employment and social supports, though little research has characterized the employment supports needed and the life experiences that have resulted in sexual and gender minorities arriving at employment agencies. Due to the economic instability Ontario is currently facing, there is need now more than ever to support those who are unemployed, underemployed, or working in other precarious conditions.

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