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Dictionary of the Middle Ages (New York: Scribner's, 1992-90) “Aldhelm”: vol. 1, p. 144; “Colman, bishop of Lindisfarne”: vol. 3, p. 480; “Columba, St.”: vol. 3, p. 485; “Columbanus, St.”: vol. 3, pp. 485-87; “Dicuil”: vol. 4, p. 178; “Dubiis nominibus, de”: vol. 4, p. 298; “Hiberno-Latin”: vol. 6, pp. 221-22; “Hisperic Latin”: vol. 6, pp. 236-37; “Itinerarium Egeriae”: vol. 7, p. 19; “Virgil the Grammarian”: vol. 12, p. 459; “Vulgar Latin”: vol. 12, pp. 493-95

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