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The Elocutionary Movement. Selected texts for 7-volume facsimile reproduction. Bristol: Thoemmes Press, 2003.
Volume 1: James Burgh, “The Art of Speaking.”
Volume 2: Thomas Sheridan, “Lectures on the art of reading.”
Volume 3: John Walker, “Elements of elocution”
Volume 4: William Enfield, “The Speaker”
Volume 5: [John Bulwer], “Chirologia”
Volume 6: James Knowles, “Orthoepy and elocution”
Volume 7: Short Treatises: Charles Bland, “The Art of Rhetorick”; Anon., “Some Rules for Speaking and Action”; John Mason, “An Essay on Elocution, or Pronunciation”; John Mason, “An Essay on the Action Proper for the Pulpit”; Anon., “The art of speaking, and holding one's tongue: in and out of doors”; William Scott, “A Short System of English Grammar with Examples of Improper and Inelegant Constructions and Scotticisms”; James Fordyce, “Eloquence of the Pulpit, an Ordination-Sermon”

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Poster, Carol

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The Elocutionary Movement

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Thoemmes Press


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