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Home Cooking, Food Consumption and Food Production among Retired Canadian Households
(with Yuqian Lu)
Canadian Public Policy , 2010, 36(1), pp.107-128
Abstract: Utilizing the 1996 Canadian Food Expenditure Survey matched with the Canadian Nutrient File, we attempt to differentiate between food consumption and the observed food expenditure among retired Canadians. We look at the effect of retirement on food expenditure, production, and consumption to test the universality of results obtained by Aguiar and Hurst (2005) from US data. In contrast to US results, conditional on a similar vector of covariates, we find no evidence of a fall in food expenditure following retirement. Our results suggest that the quality of food consumed by Canadian households improves somewhat with retirement. Similar to US results, we observe that household calorie intake and major nutrient intake seem not to be adversely affected by changes in retirement status. We find evidence that retired households substitute food purchased for consumption away from home for food purchased for at-home consumption. Further, using the 1998 Time Use Survey, we find that individuals who are retired devote more time for food preparation.
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