The Poetry of Sports & the Sport of Poetry: POET-TREE 2015

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The Poetry of Sports & the Sport of Poetry: POET-TREE 2015. Edited by Maria Figueredo. A collection of poems contributed by poets across the Americas for the Toronto Pan American and Parapan American Games 2015, in bilingual translation. Trans. Maria Figueredo, Catherine Marinoni, Bruce Bartra. Includes original poetry by 31 poets from 14 different countries, including Miguel Avero (Uruguay), Andrés Bazzano (Uruguay), Evgueni Bezzubikoff (Peru), José Cantero Verni (Argentina), Dider Castro (Colombia), Martín Cerisola (Uruguay), Roberto Cruz Arzabal (Mexico), Andrea Durlacher (Uruguay), Ernesto Estrella Cózar (US/Spain), Kela Francis (Trinidad and Tobago), Paola Gómez Restrepo (Colombia/Canada), Gustavo Gómez Rial (Uruguay), David Hernández (El Salvador), Hoski (Uruguay), Leonardo Lesci (Uruguay), Lasana Lukata (Brazil), Irene Marques (Portugal/Canada), Santiago Pereira (Uruguay), Néstor Rodríguez (Dominican Republic), Dan Russek (Canadá), Carmen Urioste de Azcorra (Spain/US), Enrique Winter (Chile), Ed Woods (Canada). Toronto: York University Press, 2015. 68 pages. ISBN: 978-1-77221-027-9

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The Poetry of Sports & the Sport of Poetry: POET-TREE 2015

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