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Presentation, “Plenary Session 9: Board Effectiveness: How to Measure What Really Counts,” GUBERNA, Brussels (December 6, 2010). Submission entitled “Separating the Role of Chair and CEO – More is Needed, Including Leadership Skills and Industry Knowledge” accepted (with Katrina Pick) for presentation at the Corporate Governance & Global financial crisis conference, Wharton School, Philadelphia (September 24, 2010). Submission entitled “Working with part-time faculty to enhance teaching and the curriculum” accepted (with Sandra Scott) for Round-Table Discussion at the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education conference, Toronto (June 24, 2010). Submission entitled “The Movement Towards Independently Assured Board Evaluation: Development of Criteria and Processes and Implications for the Internal Audit Function” accepted to the 8th European Conference on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance, Chios, Greece (2010. Did not attend).

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