“Álvaro Figueredo: Las otrísimas luces del yo.”

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“Álvaro Figueredo: Las otrísimas luces del yo.” The official website of Uruguayan poet, essayist, educator and theorist Alvaro Figueredo (1907-1966). Created this site, envisioned its thematic and design content, and continually update it with reference to his primary works, the relevance of his work in literary history, documentaries and scholarly studies about his oeuvre, as well as popular references and musical settings of his poetry. https://www.alvarofigueredo.org (since 2018)

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“Álvaro Figueredo: Las otrísimas luces del yo.”

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Maria Figueredo

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Alvaro T. Figueredo, John McNamara

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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